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Business Check-Up:

Due to the current crisis of Covid-19 we are offering an updated "Jr." program of our

2-1-3 method. We have developed  the Business Check-Up Program to meet the needs of changing businesses.

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coming soon


The 2-1-3 Method begins with a comprehensive walk through with you & your team. 

Next, our group will spend approximately 2 weeks “shadowing” individuals at every part of your company. Our goal is to have all areas of the business represented. 


Through Q&A, observing your products, processes and digital presence (website & social), we can begin to target the main pain points and the priorities in which things need to change.

(This will not disrupt your business operations)


We provide you with a simple point by point analysis & proposal from what we have learned, seen, and with take aways from our meetings and questionnaires.


A 3 part design, build and implementation from the analysis comes in. We will rely on you and your team to work with us on the suggestions that will work for you and that we will assist in designing, building and implementing. 

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