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What We Do:

We help individuals or companies reach their goals. We offer unique services based on our clients needs which range from business strategies to the daily grind of work life balance.  Our strength is education, communication and experience. We are with our clients every step of the way no matter how complicated or simple their needs may be. 

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How Are We Different:

To assure successful outcomes, we combine our resources, listen to the needs of our client, and focus on the overall welfare of the client or company as a whole…In doing these things we are able to provide both economical and in most cases immediate and long-term results for our clients. 



Who We Are:

We are the idea people. We are the listeners of what you need.  We can assist you with every idea.

Next Steps


Problem Solving

Our Services
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Jesse Bruckman aka Jack

Rhoni Bell aka Jane

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The idea for "G.I. Jack and Jane" came out of the realization that we were, for lack of better words, a Jack and Jane of many trades. Our experience includes successful endeavors of sales to management, 

home improvement to real-estate, IT/project management to research science, from law enforcement/EMS to sports medicine and nutrition, and from executive assistance to company ownership.


Our mission is to make positive changes in order to restore a balance for personal and professional lives. 

If extra hands are needed, we are here. If education or advice are needed, we're here. From tweaking to revamping your business, we have proven to be a formidable force.

..."We want to work with people that strive for a better tomorrow"...

We are dedicated to providing alternatives to the status quo and options which encourage education, development and sustainable growth. In turn our position with our clients yields meaningful and rewarding outcomes. Companies or individuals with short term or long term needs, we fill with a reliable proficiency.


...In short, we are here for you...


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