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Essential Questions Every Business Needs To Ask And Answer

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Evaluating these (4) aspects is essential to help any organization mission to not just grow but to succeed.

Any board or leadership team should be asking this annually with a bi-annual Check-Up to be sure they are still on track. The key is to treat each of the four below all equal and not to think one is more important than the other.

1- Staff and Culture

  • How is the executive team currently functioning?

  • How are you currently engaging and empowering employees?

  • What is your plan for attracting and retaining talent?

2- Finances

  • Does the financial plan match the strategic plan?

  • What are the cash flow objectives and how do they compare to previous forecasts?

  • What are the assets on the current balance sheet?

3- Risk Management

  • What are the top risks for the company?

  • How likely are they to occur?

  • How are the risks currently being managed?

4- Strategy

  • What is the long-term vision for the organization?

  • What is the organization’s plan for growth?

  • What are the largest roadblocks the company is facing?

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