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You Are Hurting Your Brand By Not Being HTTPS

Ask yourself something, do you feel comfortable when you land on a website that says it is not secure? Would you buy from these websites? Even if you are reading an article, does it lurk in the back of your mind “what if” this link is a scam, has a virus, or who knows what else? So if you are bothered by these insecurities, then imagine what your customers think if your site is non-compliant. Imagine what they must think if they have just found you and are unsure of what to do. I’ll tell you they most likely will close your website, buy from somewhere else, and even worse post on social media not to go to your website because it is not safe. Again, ask yourself if your website is not HTTPS, will it hurt your brand?

The Locked Padlock Is Your Friend

Learn More Here From Google & Apple:

• Chrome Users

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