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Simple Ways to Protect Your Privacy!

Do not be a statistic by protecting you privacy

Are you practicing good password management? If not or need a few tips, we suggest the following

  • First GET organized (get our free organizer here)

  • Use Two Factor Authentication when available: (2FU)

  • DO NOT reuse or use same passwords for different accounts

  • Create Made-up Answers to Security Questions: What high school did you attend? DO NOT give real answers…it’s too easy to find that info. Create fictitious answers to these regularly asked security questions.

  • DO NOT let browsers remember your passwords: Google password manager or Apple Keychain & others learn more

  • Use a password manager tool (Highly Recommended!) using a free or paid especially if you have multiple digital devices. We use 1Password but there are dozens and each feature different tools that may be beneficial to your needs.

  • BACK UP either on digital and or paper (DO NOT store on your computer unless its encrypted. Instead keep it on an external drive and only use it for passwords)

  • Change your passwords every 3 months (Some password managers will let you know that it’s over due.)

  • Use free password generators if you are not going to use a password manager tool or make your own (most all of the main stream companies offer this with-in their websites.)

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